Embodiment sessions with Stacy

Client Testimonials

"Embodiment work with stacy truly helps me connect deeply and authentically with my Soul and my Source. And as I strengthen this connection to my Self, I no longer feel so compelled to find and heal every wound and illusion. In experiencing, over and over, that I am already whole, my healing becomes natural and inevitable…

I understand more with each session as I drop out of my head and allow myself to discover the deep ground within me, that my thoughts, beliefs, tensions and struggles lose their hold over me. Long buried pain releases and I am freer to live in my whole body. Not just my head.

I now experientially know that my body, my mind, my energies and my emotions are the part of the sacred container that makes my life as a Soul in human form possible."
J.C. Michigan

*Stacy's loving guidance, her intuitive knowing and her ability to direct awareness and shift energy has helped me to surrender and release old patterns, fears and beliefs that have been tormenting and compromising me for so long. With her incredible presence, her compassion and gentle patience I am slowly able to trust that it is safe to open up to love and let go of the control, resistance and defences that I have been holding against life for so long. I am beginning to relax more and more as I am discovering step by step that the body and the world are a safe place to be. By learning to connect with my own inner strength and knowing, the default dependency on my mind to navigate me through life is lessening, bringing me greater ease, trust and freedom. Fears and thoughts don't have such a hold on me anymore now that I understand more deeply through my own experience that I am connected and protected by love in every moment.

The work with Stacy has been a tremendous blessing, enabling me to know myself at much deeper level than I could have ever anticipated and helping me to understand my own worthiness. I am incredibly grateful for her support and presence."
Anna - Germany

"When I tire of playing small and 'bandaiding' my perceived problems, when I really want to go to the root of an issue, that's when I call Stacy. Her gentle and powerful process of joining makes the listening to yourself process easy. I'm getting better at calling Stacy before I suffer too long, knowing that I can short cut that process and find inner peace. These are nice words but on a practical level on one significant occasion I called Stacy when a tumor was growing OUT OF MY NOSE, it had filled my sinus cavity to such an extent that it no longer had room to move inside and had broken through the top of my mouth and was visible out of my nostril. After months of scrambling to find every medical, alternative and spiritual solution I called Stacy and said "okay, let's get to the root of this". Over the phone we joined and she held the space for me to go deep within, all I can say is that it was a trans formative experience and the learning that came with it continues to enrich my life now 3 years post cancer and in full recovery. Stacy has integrity and is a humble and powerful companion in healing, it is my joy that we have crossed paths."
Fawna - Alberta Canada

"I call Stacy when I have forgotten who I am, when I have seemingly lost my center. The work she offers deeply, compassionately and lovingly re-grounds me and guides me back home to myself. I find myself astonished over and over again at her powerful, potent ability to point me with great compassion back into direct alignment with my wisdom self- my deepest self.

It is here, through her support and ability to help me anchor energetically, I re-member who I am, I remember myself as Love and find a profound peace deeply seated in my truth. Ahhhhhhh, here reality totally shifts and I can see again with Love's eyes.

The sessions for me always open me to a deep alchemical healing, resulting in the direct embodied knowing that I am being lived as Love and all that is- is Love. More and more I am anchoring this trust and presence within me, rooted and comfortable in my deepest being."
Kristina - New York

"I’ve worked with Stacy on lots of occasions (both one-to-one and in groups), and I’ve never experienced anything quite like what she does: I am held firmly, supported oh-so-gently in total strength; this allows me the sense of safety, security, clarity and a heightended awareness to go deep—beyond my own fears or blockages that might otherwise stop me.

And in this deep place of total safety, patience and non-judgment, I find I am able to lovingly connect with my own long-term patterns of stuck energy or crusty outdated beliefs—and in that connection I can then make the present-moment choice to release these self-limiting behaviors once and for all. I am very grateful for Stacy's guidance and support in this way.
Carrie Triffet

"I have been a course student for many years and was stuck with beautiful theories but not motivated to apply the principles to my life;  the purpose for the workbook. With the development of my resistance, I became very judgmental of others since I could say they were not practicing the course well. It was after working with Stacy that I was able to get unstuck from my own resistance and became truly more kind and less fearful, it was then that I  began to understand more deeply from direct experience the profound teachings of the course."
Dr. Elsie Colins - New Orleans

"If you are struggling with forgiveness despite your strong desire and willingness and intellectual understanding, Stacy is the one you need to talk to. She can help you access those blocks to the awareness of love's presence that no thinking or reading can get to, and she'll guide you through those blocks to the direct experience of peace, joy and healing. I don't know how she does this, but I'm always amazed with what comes up and gets healed and released… She truly is godsend!!"
Maho - Michigan

"But the instant she connected with me, I could feel her loving and grounding presence. She holds a firm yet gentle loving space of ‘allowing and awareness’ and the shifts I felt physically/emotionally and mentally were amazing. Her abilty to move energy is unparalleled. Her gift and capability at being a pure conduit for Love’s energy to move through is huge. I can only be extremely grateful to have found her on my healing journey."
Tania de Winne - Belgium (Europe)

"Joining with Stacy in a particular sense does nothing and in that, a restfulness occurs. The guidance which comes through Stacy helps me direct and strengthen attention to stillness, fostering an ease of being and an effortlessness in learning to let go of thoughts, judgments, and beliefs which obscure a natural state of mind. Her guidance helps to serve me learn how to get out of my own way and let something else happen which is of benefit to all.

Thanks so much Stacy - hope to join with you again soon.
Annie - Australia

"When I met Stacy, I felt instantly as if we have been friends for a long time.
She has this bright-eyed childlike love and wonder about her. Within minutes of our first hello, Stacy was able to read into my energy and mirror I was experiencing back pain. I had been suffering with chronic intense sacral pain for over a year, and although I masked it well to the outside world, was really suffering and scared. When she communicated her insight, I felt like part of the mask dropped and my heart lifted. It was like light reached all of those stuck and painful places.

I am working with developing a stillness practice at home due in part to inspiration from my work with Stacy. Our sessions take my practice to a whole new place. With her guidance and support, I find myself grounding in a very different way than I experience on my own, at least at this point. Her love and compassionate energy is so profound, it is hard to articulate in words. I truly feel connected to myself, her and Source energy through our work together. I believe that our sessions remind me of the possibilities of what lies ahead with devotion to stillness practice. For all this and so much more, I am truly grateful to Stacy."
Suzanne Battis - Nashville

"I was blessed recently to experience Energy Healing with Stacy Sully.
I had been deep into the ego's story or script where the veil of illusion was hiding the way out. Light radiating from Stacy's voice filled my core with an embrace that guided me gently to breathing as one breath, one heart beat of Love.

Memories as little pictures tinged with emotion began to surface. The feelings attached to these spilled out to speak their pain. Stacy calmly reminded me to continue to breathe Oneness with her allowing the pain of these emotions to be transformed by this awesome Love. This Loving embrace melted feelings of repetitive memories to simply nothing, it just was. There were no words to explain.

Since this amazing experience with Stacy, a smile replaces the darkness to radiate Love from this core of Oneness, and I know it to have been there always, I had just forgotten its embrace. I would recommend sharing in this journey with Stacy, to be awakened from sleep to Oneness, the True Self from illusion."
Mani Muir - Australia